The Benefits of Immigration

Other than abortion, few other issues invite more contentious debate than immigration reform. Our two major political parties constantly spar over the implications of granting a path to citizenship for nearly 11 million or so undocumented aliens in our country, believing that to do so rewards illegal conduct and merely invites more people to break the law. Other arguments are that it gives more votes to Democrats and takes away skilled and unskilled labor jobs from American citizens.

The Benefits of a Skilled Labor Force

Many economists and immigration reform advocates argue, though, that allowing for immigration law reform would at least relieve some of our economic stresses, regardless of what reform opponents say. Economic studies indicate that by allowing more skilled foreign workers into the US to live and to work would add over 3% to our GDP over the next decade and slash billions from our deficit.

US immigration policy is geared toward families and not skilled workers, unlike other countries where the influx of STEM workers (science, technology, engineering and medical) has contributed to more stable economies. Although the benefits of easy access to higher education in America is laudable, we are sadly lacking in the preparation of American students in the areas where most skilled labor jobs will be. For example, American universities only graduate about 50,000 bachelor’s degrees in computer science annually though there are about 120,000 new jobs requiring such expertise created each year. Without such skilled labor, we will fall behind other nations in growing these industries with significant adverse consequences.

Further, tech jobs help create other kinds of jobs as well. Many successful businesses that employ thousands of workers were begun by immigrants or the children of immigrants including Yahoo, Google, eBay, Paypal and YouTube, companies that employ thousands of people.

High paying earners also demand services since they have the funds. These include more jobs for restaurant workers, retail stores, groceries, real estate, financial, health care and other services. Tax bases grow and communities are better able to afford more stable and healthier places for everyone to live and work.

The Need for Agricultural Workers

Along with making it easier for skilled foreign workers to live and work here, our agricultural industry is begging for farm workers. These are jobs that American workers shun. It is often back-breaking work in the hot sun for minimum wages and few if any benefits. Still, without a large work force, which is composed mainly of Mexicans and Central American workers, our farms and food supplies would suffer.

Without an adequate work force, the American farmer, or the corporate entities that own them, will look offshore for sites and workers to produce our food.

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