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An Overview of Immigration Options for Crime Victims in Boston

Crime victims may suffer serious psychological and emotional trauma—especially those who endured a serious crime such as human trafficking, domestic violence, or sexual assault. Sadly, many vulnerable victims feel they lack options for justice due to their immigration status. An undocumented person may worry that they will be deported if they seek help or report... READ MORE

Report: Cautious Optimism for Biden Immigration Plan in Among ‘Dreamers’ in Boston

According to reporting from Boston 25 News, there is cautious optimism among Dreamers and immigrant rights groups in Massachusetts for the Biden immigration agenda. Many people are hopeful that his presidency will amount to a full restoration—and, potentially, an expansion—of DACA protections. According to official data from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), there are currently... READ MORE

Immigration Lawyers in Boston Report Harsh, Unreasonable Deadlines

According to reporting from WBUR News, immigration attorneys in Boston are sounding the alarm about harsh and unreasonable filing deadlines issued by federal authorities. Unfortunately, the unexpected orders have left many immigration advocates scrambling to try to protect the rights and interests of their clients—mostly young children. Here, our Boston immigration attorney highlights the most... READ MORE

ICE Arrested an Immigrant in a Park in East Boston, Local Officials Want Answers

According to a report from, an immigrant of Guatemalan national origin was arrested by federal immigration authorities in a park in East Boston—and local leaders are demanding answers. The 40-year-old man is now facing possible deportation from the United States. Elder Misan Guerra-Perez was pushed into an unmarked van near Bremen Street Park. Notably,... READ MORE

Boston Immigration Court May Be Set to Resume Normal Operations—But Advocates are Raising Serious Safety Questions

According to a report from WBUR News, the immigration court in Boston is preparing to resume large-scale operations in the coming days. This despite the fact that many immigration lawyers are raising major questions about courtroom safety. Further, there is early evidence that the number of COVID-19 cases are once again increasing in Massachusetts. Here,... READ MORE

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Ban on Immigration Arrests in Massachusetts Courthouse

According to a report from, a federal appeals court has overturned a previous ruling that barred Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from making civil immigration arrests at courthouses in Massachusetts. Two of the top prosecutors in Massachusetts are vowing to continue the fight to protect immigrant rights and our communities. Here, our Boston deportation... READ MORE

Massachusetts Immigration Reform Bill is Making Progress—But Obstacles Remain

Several prominent Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing a key immigration reform bill that would provide much needed legal protections to vulnerable people. Most notably, the law seeks to limit cooperation between federal immigration enforcement agencies and state and local police departments. According to a report from MassLive, the Commonwealth’s proposed immigration reform is advancing through the... READ MORE

Massachusetts Leaders: President Trump’s Latest Immigration Restrictions Will Damage the Commonwealth’s Economy

According to reporting from The Boston Globe, President Trump has signed an executive order restricting several different types of employment visas through the end of 2020. Subject to some important, but limited exceptions, the following visas will not be issued for the remainder of 2020:   H-1B visas: H-1B visas are for professional workers in certain... READ MORE

Citing Dangerous Conditions in Mexico, Federal Judge Allows Five Central American Asylum Seekers to Enter the U.S.

On May 14th, 2020, a Massachusetts federal judge allowed five asylum seekers—three women and two young children—to enter the United States early, while their asylum claim is still being reviewed. In the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, a judge ruled that the migrants were likely to be granted asylum and that... READ MORE