Arpaio Sues Over Immigration

In November of 2014, President Barack Obama announced his long-awaited plans for immigration reform. Perhaps most significant of the reform is the inclusion of deportation stays for more than four million immigrants in the U.S., namely those who are the undocumented parents of American citizens or legal residents. While the reform was viewed as a step in the right direction by many, others, like Arizona County Sherriff Joe Arpaio, are prepared to take legal action against the President for the immigration action. In fact, in December of 2014, Arpaio filed one of the first lawsuits (in what may be a series of many) against Obama’s immigration plan.

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Constitutionality of Immigration Action Argued

The basis of Arpaio’s lawsuit was founded on the belief that Obama’s immigration reform – and the executive action that was required to put the plan in place – is unconstitutional, according to a December 22, 2014 article published on Fox News – Politics.  Arpaio’s legal representative, attorney Larry Kleyman, told Fox News reporters that “’serious issues of constitutionality’” were involved. The violation of the constitution is based in the fact that Obama sidestepped congressional approval when the reform was issued via executive action, a style of lawmaking that, while not traditional, isn’t unheard of throughout American history.

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit

Federal Judge Beryl Howell, who heard the proposed lawsuit filed by Arpaio against Obama, threw out the case, declaring that the role of the courts is not to engage in policy making. Despite the court’s decision, Arpaio isn’t giving up yet; the sheriff has stated that he plans to file an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

 States Take Legal Action Against the President, Too

While Arpaio’s case against the President may have been dismissed, Arpaio isn’t alone in his belief that Obama violated the constitution when he created a law sans the consent of congress. In fact, Texas and 23 other states have filed lawsuits that assert that Obama overstepped his authority with the immigration action. Those lawsuits are currently pending.

A Boston Immigration Attorney Can Help You

Obama’s amnesty to millions of immigrants in the United States has come as a blessing to many. But, with lawsuits pending, the future of immigration reform in Boston and other parts of the country is still relatively unknown. If you are an immigrant in Massachusetts and have questions about your legal status, rights, or residency, contact the attorneys at The Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, P.C. now. Our lawyers are ready to advocate for you today! You can reach us now at 617-722-0005.

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