7 Myths about Illegal Immigration

There are several myths about immigrants prevalent in society and many of these myths have no solid foundation. Immigrants form an important part of the community and the workforce as they pay taxes and live as responsible citizens. Here are seven common myths about illegal immigration: 

1. Immigrants gain citizenship through marriage fraud – The United States Department of Homeland Security is experienced in handling marriage fraud cases. People who try to get a green card through marriage fraud are often caught and convicted. Given the heavy penalties associated with marriage fraud, this is one of the least successful and legally complicated ways for immigrants to get a green card.

2. Illegal immigrants crossing the border are criminals – This is one of the most popular myths about illegal immigration. As the US legal system considers only the most serious offenses as crimes, if a person is unlawfully present in the US, it is considered as a civil offense and the person can only be deported.

3. Immigrants take the benefits but don’t pay taxes – Undocumented immigrants do pay taxes, including local, state, and federal taxes. Whenever immigrants buy a product or service, they pay the same tax as other US citizens. Even while renting or buying property, they’re paying property taxes that contribute heavily to state funding.

4. Crime has increased because of undocumented immigrants – While the number of illegal immigrants has doubled since 1994, there has been a significant reduction in the violent crime rate (34%) and property crime rate (26%). The NIC (National Institute of Corrections) reports that illegal immigrants have a lower rate of incarceration as compared to legal citizens of America.

5. Immigrants steal Americans jobs – This myth is rooted in the fact that at the present time, less Americans are willing to take up low skilled jobs. Given the lack of low skilled workers in the country, illegal immigrants have taken the jobs that no one else was willing to take.

6. Immigrants don’t want to be part of American culture – Most immigrants who want a green card work very hard to be a part of American culture. From learning the language to finding a job and clearing the written citizenship tests, the present generation of immigrants is well versed in American culture.

7. Restrictions on immigrants can lead to a secure society – Enforcing laws that make it difficult for immigrants to contact law enforcement can have an adverse effect on the overall security of society. If immigrants fear deportation, they’ll be less likely to report any criminal activities, and this can be a roadblock towards creating a safe community.

Becoming a legal citizen of America can be an easy process if you have a qualified immigration lawyer representing you. Call today for help with your immigration process.

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